BBA – Fundamentals
of Management online

Professional educational program BBA Fundamentals of Management online teaches students in a comprehensive form.

Benefits and content of the program

  • Transfer of the most important information from individual areas of management in a comprehensive form.

  • Study prepares for professional performance in future management position.

  • This program is designed for high school graduates or applicants without previous managerial experience who want to gain theoretical knowledge of all key areas of management.

  • After completing this program, students automatically meet the requirements for admission to the MBA program.


Current cycle of study BBA October 2024.

Take advantage of the special price offer.

Price in EUR

2 734 EUR without VAT 1 920 EUR without VAT 2 323 EUR with VAT
  • The submission
    is free of charge
  • Does not take up
    more than 2 minutes
  • Our study consultants
    will help you

Course of Study

  • 7 modules - 7 seminars in the range of 3 lesson hours, i.e. 3x45 minutes.
  • Meetings are held once a month, on a weekday after 5:00 p.m. for 3 x 45 minutes. The exact date and time of the seminars is planned approximately 2 months in advance.
  • Participation in seminars is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended.
  • The duration of the BBA program is 1 year.
  • Among the study obligations are mainly the preparation of a seminar paper from each module, which is then graded by the lecturer.
  • At the end of their studies students submit their final thesis which must be defended in front of a commission.
  • E-learning - modern student section including study materials; free online library.
  • Individual consultation with lecturer.
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